Our Team

Success thrives in collaboration. What began as a vision by our four professionals has quickly evolved into a project led by some of the most versatile, talented and eclectic set of designers, artists, and administrators. Every member of our team works collaboratively on your projects. From our account and project managers to our experienced designers and highly-skilled engineers, each team member is part of an agile process that ensures continuous delivery and flexible prioritisation who together bring the best out of their art into business.


A-Globia believes in a client servicing experience that is grounded in strong intra-personal connections, trust, and collaboration. For instance, our end-to-end interior design, furniture, and décor services can be availed through direct interaction with our team of professionals. Our collaborations with builders for ongoing sites are also direct and transparent. A-Globia specializes in the hospitality sector and we provide complete furniture set-up for hotels, restaurants, premium villas, and bungalows.


A-Globia’s manufacturing consists of a 1.80 lac sq. feet unit that houses high-tech exported machinery with units covering 30,000 sq. ft. solely dedicated to modern infrastructure.


A-Globia is known for its strict manufacturing guidelines - from planning to execution, each step of the process is scrutinized effectively. The firm also boasts an exclusive team dedicated solely to research and development. Each and every product manufactured at A-Globia undergoes rigorous quality-control tests and expansive parameter analyses before getting launched in the market.