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The Conceptual Penthouse For A Young Entrepreneur

This project needed to have snug and comfortable spaces with highly-efficient functionalities. The client was expecting contemporary architecture with a relaxed, peaceful mood a place that they could call home.

To give the project an interesting facade, we chose to create the approach of the penthouse through an open terrace. Designed with linear forms, the house had clean lines and defined spaces that gave it an opulent and luxurious setting.

Keeping in mind the hassle-free lifestyle of its residents, we installed hi-tech amenities, personalized spaces and a special gazebo at the open terrace complete with wood decks, waterproof cane sofas and a MS rooftop - engineered to protect against harsh sunlight and create a cozy, surreal ambiance during the day as well as at night. Our biggest challenge while architecture of the project was to critically contextualize our client’s goals with the budgetary restraints.

We wanted to deliver a never-seen-before look for the house that spoke volumes about our client’s personality and aspirations. A grand living room, a relaxing terrace garden, beautiful MDF designs on the walls and bedrooms with white and gold interiors were all in line with our vision of creating a home that spoke of affordable luxury.

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A Simplistic Approach to Intricate Design

Much like his own personality, our client was looking for designs that were simplistic and minimalistic. Since the plot was located at a corner of a road in the heart of the city, its footprint was bound to be lesser than the site. We were also expected to maintain alignment with the traditions of vastu shastra while developing the architecture and interiors

Our approach towards this project was one of simplified design; the building, interior, landscape, furniture and facade every element was planned with minimalism and a free-flowing style. A large cut-out, spanning across the vertical volume of the house, was developed so that the family could stay in constant visual contact with one another at all times. It also created a sense of depth whenever a member would enter the ground level and ascends upstairs.

While the double heighted elements of jaali partition rendered a soft yet strong look, magnificent sculptures, grand open spaces, a central courtyard, a teakwood mandir and a cozy beige-navy blue dining room with red-back chandelier rewarded the bungalow with aesthetics of a palatial residence. Even the kitchen, made of Italian white top, had a coral peach facia with back painted glass to reflect light and create an ambience that complimented nature and enhanced the cooking experience. To top it all, each bedroom was adorned with unique designs to reflect the individual personalities of their occupants. With Italian marble flooring, the rooms were finished off with overlays of textured draperies, veneer, duco, PU finishing and cushioning.

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A Contemporary Palace on Pillars of Tradition

For a family that has three generations living together under a single roof, our #1 priority was to imbibe the foundations of Indian tradition in each and every pillar of our architecture and interiors. We narrowed down on 3 goals that we wanted to achieve throughout our creative journey.

Inspired by the paramparas of old, we chose the form of a lotus, regarded as a gift of God, to synergies our designs with spirituality. Segments of its petals were used in abstraction to create elements with a modern touch. The material used for the project were in line with age old traditions too - locally sourced marble, Gwalior stone and veneer. The opulence of every room and gallery was elevated with huge open spaces, fresh air and bright day light that brought the home closer to nature.

Complete with a gazebo on the terrace garden, an intricately carved mandir dedicated to Radha-Krishna, a teakwood, gold plated main door with inlays of mother of pearl and an Italian marble finish to the flooring, the entire bungalow was developed on classical themes.

The opulence of every room and gallery was elevated with huge open spaces, fresh air and bright day light that brought the home closer to nature. As a finishing touch, a smart automation system was incorporated in the bungalow that would enable the family to run their house-hold with just a touch on their i Pads. .

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